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step two how to get out of debt

March 4, 2010

Stop charging. From the last post you know where you spend two much. Some things in life are set, rent, mortgage, etc. Things that are not are stuff like going out to dinner and shopping. These are the areas we can control our spending  and find the money to live within our means. If your thing is going out to dinner and that averages $40.00 a meal out and you cut it by once a week that’s  $160.00 a month savings. If your thing is  $3.00 coffee’s and you cut that by once a week that’s $12.00 per month savings.  These small things can add up without totally stopping you from doing the things you love you just cut back a little.  These small monthly savings are going to add up and you will put them towards paying off your credit cards one at a time until they are paid off and also establishing an emergency fund so you won’t need to go to your credit cards when the little things you need in life pop up like a new water heater or car repair. There will be more in the next post on paying down your cards.


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