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Solar Lease for Your Rooftop

April 16, 2010

Our current electric grid is centralized.  A gas or coal-fired electric producer makes electricity in one location and delivers it out over lines to the areas it’s needed. This is the way it’s been since the beginning of the electric light bulb. It is manageable cost effective and basically the way we’ve always done things.

Now there is a new idea out there. You can produce your own electricity on your rooftop with a rooftop solar system. When you do the math it figures out to be about six to twelve years for payback on this type of system but you become more self sufficient and you save money over time.

A more recent idea in this field is the solar lease for your rooftop mainly for large commercial buildings schools, stores, factories etc. The systems are placed and maintained by a power company such as Southern California Edison and the rooftop is leased from the building owner and they are given a cheaper rate on their electricity usage. It’s a win for both the utility and the business owners.  The business owners get cheaper electric rates and a cash flow from the lease and the utility gets a decentralized electric grid. A grid where many small solar generator make up small parts of a large amount of capacity, eventually offsetting the need for future coal or gas-fired power plants.

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  1. Hey! You can list your roof as available to lease for solar so that you can be contacted with offers on the website Seglet is the rooftop database of host sites for solar projects for lease/partnerships. Get your rooftop in the database today for free…

    • Has anyone used this service? What are the lease rates and is it per square foot or per roof or energy produced or what? I may be interested in this.

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