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American Flag on Cinco De Mayo

May 7, 2010

It seems at Live Oak High School that wearing an American flag t-shirt could be incendiary.  After several students wore the shirts on Cinco De Mayo the principle told them to take them off and when the students questioned it they were suspended. Some of the Hispanic students on campus felt it was disrespecting their holiday.

My whole feeling on this thing is come on it’s the american flag. This is America. For that matter since it’s America you can wear any flag on your shirt that you want it’s one of the beautiful things that people come from all over the world for, Free Speech. Isn’t it great. You can wear your country’s flag on your chest and I can’t make you take it off but why would I want to. Since it’s America and we have free speech I can argue with you until I’m blue in the face but I can’t make you take it off

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One Comment
  1. flagheldstrong permalink

    On certain days American patriotism is prohibited???

    I’ll wear this shirt at any place and time I DAMN PLEASE!

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