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iPhone 3GS 97 Dollars at Wal-mart

May 26, 2010

iPhone 3GS for 97 dollars at Wal-Mart. Pretty good deal huh. what you get well the same iPhone you get at the apple store but for only 97 dollars a lot less than the one hundred ninety-nine dollars the Apple store wants for the same phone. Pretty good deal huh. So, if you aren’t one of those people who have to have the newest item right now which I’m guessing you’re not because then you would all ready have a 3 GS this could be a good deal for you. What you are missing out on is whatever is going to come out on the new generation Apple phone and who knows what that is going to be. For some ideas you could go over to and see the write-up they did on the phone they got pre release and see if you can live without some of those features. For the savings of two hundred or more dollars off what the future Apple phone might cost this could be a good deal for a lot of people.

For Apple this is an opportunity to get rid of a lot of inventory that they have sitting around when everyone knows they have a new phone waiting to be released. Also it may be an opportunity for them to sell their phones to a new demographic out their who maybe wouldn’t pay that much for a phone before. I could be wrong about this but I think it could be an opportunity to sell to a lot of parents who wouldn’t pay that much for a kid’s phone but hey it’s only 97 dollars now.

If this works out well for Apple it could be the new model. Sell the new phones in the Apple stores as they get to the end of their product cycles you drop the price drastically, and sell the rest in the big box retailer. This also plays with the new data plans they are offering which will look cheaper but eventually be more expensive.  So, maybe the person who buys this phone now for cheap will be ready to buy the next new phone for cheap in a couple of years when their contract runs out. They won’t be spending the big bucks but will still be paying money to Apple and AT&T and helping them move product. Just my thoughts on this. What do you all think?

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