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Salinas Valley Bike Trail New Thoughts

June 7, 2010

Previously I blogged about the Salinas Valley Bike Trail, I envisioned it as connecting the Monterey bike trail at the coast and going east down the Salinas Valley to Soledad, Greenfield, and King City. I previously thought that the path could start at either end and connect in the middle like the transcontinental railroad. Or start at one end and finished at the other as access and money for construction became available.

The today I see that the city of Soledad  was given a Transportation Agency of Monterey County award for it’s 2008 bike lane project. It’s only roughly 12 miles of bike lanes but it’s a very small city. So what if instead of building this Salinas Valley Bike Trail from the ends we start in the middle and build out. If we have cities like Soledad and they value cycling then that could be the catylyst to get this going .

It is only seven miles from Gonzales to Soledad if the two cities got together they could build three and one half miles of trail each and that would complete one portion of the trail. I believe building each small part will be easier than building the whole project at once and this may be the way to get it done. By getting these small cities to appreciate cycling building the bike lanes and then connecting the bike lanes in their city to the bike lanes in the next city over the Salinas Valley Bike Trail.

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