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Can iPhone maintain it’s demographics

June 12, 2010

In marketing the 18 to 35 age group is where you want to position your product. In mobile phones I might say it skews a little younger. So when you have a young teenager they get a standard cell phone to stay in contact with mom and dad but then immediately they want the new cool gadget their friends are using.

In this recent article on Tech Crunch the author compares the iPhone 3GS to the Motorola Droid. What he comes up with is neither phone is an outright winner they are a little better than the other in different categories. Neither is a stand out winner in this article.

When the iPhone came out that’s what it was it changed the mobile phone market and what we all expected to get in a mobile device. No other handset could compete at all. Motorola has closed that gap pretty quickly wouldn’t you say?

Okay now back to that demographic problem, The iPhone was first, so more people have been exposed to it and everyone loves it. Even your dad and your grandmother and your Aunt Judy. To me that is the demographic problem for Apple the iPhone is skewing to older people which is good for market share but creates a problem for the future of when all the old people in your family think something is cool, it’s no longer cool or the hot new thing. What do those kids and teenagers want to have? They want ┬áthe cool hot new thing and right now that is the Droid. Only the future will tell if the new iPhone is worlds better than the Droid which I doubt it will be I expect some improvement but not the massive change we saw with the first iPhone.

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