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Brown Pelican BP Company Mascot or US National Bird

June 13, 2010

So, as the Brown Pelican becomes the BP company mascot and people around the country are calling for jail and worse for the BP president and board who do we really have to blame for this. Isn’t it really all of us? We use twice as much oil in America as we produce therefore companies go out and push the envelope of engineering to get the oil that we all use on a daily basis. Do we have to quit driving? No, but maybe we should consider taking our bikes for that short trip 2 miles to the library or what have you.

So I think that instead of being the BP company bird the Brown Pelican is really the United States national bird. Our actions and inaction is causing our national bird to die off in great numbers so now is the time to act, we must stop this oil spill as soon as possible and clean up the mess that we all had a hand in creating however indirectly.

Then when this is all over and the oil stops and the cleanup is over will we still be driving big trucks with no loads in them or not carpooling and not riding our bikes? How soon will we forget or is this something large enough to make us not forget. Our national bird needs us not to forget.

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  1. Shatinspace permalink

    The brown pelican is our national bird? What happened to the bald eagle? Oh well, back to my F-350

    • Your correct it is the bald eagle the post was merely commentary on our huge demand for oil myself included that creates these spills.

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