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Who Will Your Daughter Marry

June 20, 2010

Who will your daughter marry? That’s a good question. Back in the 70’s in education in America girls were behind. So a lot of resources were put into girls education and athletics through title nine. So as time passed these girls started doing better in school and now are not behind boys. They are leaving them in the dust when it comes to high school graduation rates. Girls graduate high school at the rate of seventy two percent compared to sixty five percent for boys. This is more pronounced in minority students as seen in this report.

The College story is much the same. See this Wall Street Journal Article on the topic for more of the college picture.  For years men outnumbered women in colleges and universities, schools spent years trying to attract more women and that work paid off. In the 70’s women in college caught up to men. That is cause for celebration. Now colleges are 57 percent women. Seven percent higher is not much but where will it be in 10 years who knows.

I think of the line in the movie Gran Torino ” The girls go to college and the boys go to jail.” So, what are we going to do to get our boys to catch up? We don’t want our girls to slow down it took us thirty years to get them caught up to the boys now we need to put some instruction time and energy into them. They are where our girls were thirty years ago or more so we need to put some energy into them.

You might say I have all daughters why do I care about boys I say to you once again who will your daughter marry?When your daughter graduates high school she will be ahead of her male peers. She will go to college and be ahead of that peer group. So if roughly half the men don’t graduate high school then another small group don’t graduate college with your daughter who will she find that is successful enough to marry because statistics say she will most likely be successful.

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