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Lake San Antonio Camping

June 28, 2010

Recently in This Post I talked about taking my chances and getting a walk in camp site in the middle of summer in Big Sur. Well my wife and daughter left early friday morning to get a campsite anywhere in Big Sur. After a few hours I got the call no campsites so where are we going? My kids arent’ going to accept a hotel or cabin the has to be the real deal camping. Tent, dirt, bugs, and the whole nine yards so where do you go at 1 o’clock friday afternoon when my when half my family is in Big Sur and the other half is in Salinas Area? So I made the call to Lake San Antonio. Me do you have camp sites for tent camping this weekend? Her of course we have plenty available it’s 30 dollars a night. Okay problem solved.

So off we went to Lake San Antonio for a weekend of camping. mind you we planned to camp on the Big Sur Coast known for fog and wind and drizzle and we packed accordingly. We ended up camping at Lake San Antonio known for 85-95 degree days, lots of deer, good hiking trails, lots of swimming and boating. needless to say we packed everything wrong for this trip. We still had a blast kids swam everyday and really the main thing I wish I would have brought were our bikes due to the large amount of trails around the lake, a few more swimsuits and shorts would have been nice also. I mean come on we actually had our winter coats just in case and it was 90 degrees out.

If you think Lake San Antonio where have I heard that name before well probably what its most well-known for is the  annual Wildflower Triathlon. This is one of the premier triathlons in the United States behind only the Ironman events. This course is very well-respected by many triathletes I’ve talked to and after seeing the bike and run course I can understand why they love this course.

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