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Total Your Car We’ll Send You The Bill

July 1, 2010

A Roseville Ca company Fire Recovery USA has come up with a new funding source for local ems and fire agencies in California and beyond. The business model is basically this. If you have a car accident in a town that is contracted with Fire Recovery USA, after the fire dept. responds and puts out the fire or extracts you from your vehicle or maybe just provides traffic control while you exchange information on the side of the road, you would then receive a bill in the mail a few weeks later for services provided. Not that these services don’t have value it’s just that the citizens have paid for these services in their taxes already. Not to mention that you have paid for these same services in you taxes in you town already. The way that Fire Recovery USA gets this contract through is usually they only charge out-of-town drivers and not locals. So this could be a cash cow for cities with a busy freeway running through their city.

This reminds me of the past in the United States when building owners put Fire Marks on their homes. Fire Marks were round metal emblems made of copper, iron or lead. The Fire Mark denoted the insurance company that had insurance on the particular building with the fire mark on it. Some stories say that fire companies owned by insurance companies would only fight fires on building with that companies fire mark on it. Other stories say that the fire mark would denote which company would pay a reward for putting out the fire or merely putting a ladder on the building.

I don’t believe that Fire Recovery USA is going back to the history of fire marks and only putting out fires you are being paid for by a private company but it is the first thought that came to my mind. I much prefer the professional firefighters we have in most cities that will fight any fire anywhere and as long as the city pays them they will keep doing so.

So I urge city councils not to go down this road. I realize in these times it seems an easy fix in a tough budget year but don’t charge me when I wreck in your city and I won’t charge you when you wreck your car in mine. because we all know we are already paying enough taxes in our own cities to support these services.

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  1. Thanks for the trackback i appreciate it. I couldn’t believe the business model of this company when I saw it.

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