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CSU Enrollment For Spring Not In The Budget

July 31, 2010

According to a recent press release put out by the California State University System see here, They will be accepting applications for Spring 2011 semester however, actual enrollment will depend on the California state budget getting passed in a timely manner. From the looks of things that may not happen. If you take all the parts that have to pass a budget they are just not in place. The Governor is stating “The next governor may be the one to sign the budget” and he leaves office on January 3rd 2011. The Legislature who have to hammer out the details of this budget just left on a one month summer break. They say that key members are still working but who knows if that will get a budget passed and then don’t you want everyone there to negotiate it. Then you have state employees, the Governor is giving them roughly fifteen percent less pay unless they agree to cuts in pension and salary and such. The unions may be better off just waiting him out it’s only five months until January, and see who they get as the next Governor. So if the Legislature comes back fully rested from their break and some more public employee unions cave to his demands the Governor is still saying basically that he will not sign a budget unless he gets basically everything that he wants on pension reform and employee salaries and such. So, this could still hold up the budget a couple more months.

I am so glad I am not a Freshmen trying to enter the CSU system in Spring. Well, you might ask why would a freshmen enter in spring some were given deferments in the fall to enter in spring and some just put off college for a little while longer after high school. Then you have the broader economy, which has created all of these people who need to go back to school for new or upgraded skill sets and a lot of these people will be trying to enter college in the spring. I say Good luck to them and the Governor and the Legislature, hopefully we pass this budget and everyone gets into school so they can get out in four or five years and start paying taxes. Isn’t that terrible to think. But when looking at things from a budget perspective that’s what you want an educated workforce that earn more and pays more taxes.

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