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Average School Supply List

August 14, 2010

So I was looking over the school supply list for a 5th grader and couldn’t believe everything that was needed to be successful in fifth grade. I guess in this time of school budget cuts more needs to fall on the parents in the realm of supplies and stuff. Let’s face it a parent can probably go to staples and buy the needed supplies a lot cheaper that to pay the taxes to the state bureaucracy and have them dole the money out to school districts with each level of government taking a cut of what gets sent to the classroom. So in the end, how much did that binder paper really cost?

1 backpack

1 three ring binder ( 2 inch)

binder divider tabs ( with bottom pockets)

2 packages of binder paper

#2 pencils 12 or more

pens red blue or black at least two

markers ( thin and standard size)

1 box of colored pencils

1 standard size pencil box

2 large glue sticks

1 standard size white glue

2 boxes of kleenex

pink wedge erasers

white technical erasers ( for accelerated math)

3 pocket folders( with bottom pockets)

2 marble composition books (100 pages)

2 spiral bound notebooks

paperback dictionary

1 package of lined index cards

Sharpie pens double tipped standard and fine


spiral or bound quad ruled notebook ( 1/4 ” graph paper)


2 reams of copy paper

4 dry erase pens

What do you think quite a list huh? I guess you need to get that old wagon out of the garage to get it all to school. These children  go to a school that is known for doing well and having very smart students and very good teachers so the least the families can do is send them prepared to learn or at least to open a small school supply warehouse.

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