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Sioux Falls Single Track Project

August 22, 2010

I first read about the Falls Area Single Track Project otherwise knows as FAST on the minuscar project blog I was intrigued by the project because the end product would be a single track trail for everyone to use and who doesn’t need more of those. But also by all the hurdles they had to go through. The FAST group didn’t one day just decide to build a trail in a park. As we all know when you do that people get ticketed and your trail gets destroyed etc. What they did was go to the park board and get the necessary permission permits to build their trails. So just think could this be done in your area? You already have the FAST Blueprint so it’s not like no one has done it before. So maybe instead of going riding this week we should get a group of friends together and brainstorm where and how and what do we need to do to build our own local single track project with city county or park permission and support. If even a few groups did this in a few cities it would greatly increase the number of riding opportunities.

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  1. hi there hows it going

    • hi kim it’s going good congrats on the new house it looks like you guys are doing pretty good for yourselves.

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