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Craigslist Adult Services Censored

September 4, 2010

Well today when I went to I noticed that the adult services section was covered by a big black Censored label. Now usually I go over there to see if I can find a good used bike or what can I barter and then never buy or barter anything. I have to say though I did rent a house off of there after it was up only one day so I do use Craigslist and think it’s a good service. Personally I don’t use the adult services of Craigslist however I don’t believe they should be censored either I think people are adults and they can be responsible. However for the ones who are not responsible there are several District Attorneys who say Craigslist should take that are down. I say those District Attorneys should make cases against those people who are breaking the law and fine them or put them in jail. But, I don’t support this censoring of the internet.

  1. you know what, by censoring adult service, are they trying to make this world a better place? Do you succkers think it is now han? Its a old profession, its never gonna go cos you big money making lawyers are the one who use it very descreetly…Felt embassing rignt. F…k you all.

  2. The prostitutes will just move to a different section of the site and use coded language like dating and escort services. So all the do-gooders who live off the mighty Gov tax dollar i.e. Dist Attrny’s are just a bunch of looser Nazis who have never had a real difficult financial challenge in their lives and have had everything they now have given to them on a silver platter by their rich oligarchy parents.

    • I agree they will probably just use code words and things like that. Another point is that at least with that areA up the police and D.A’s have one place to look for this instad of it moving around.

  3. Excellent piece of writing, l quite agree with your submission. I will subscribe to your rss to keep up.

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