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Craigslist Censored Worldwide?

September 4, 2010

Well It appears Craigslist is censoring the internet as I first noted yesterday on this post. They are doing this in response to several attorney generals complaining about the services offered under their erotic services section. So if you go to you will get the normal screen with the censored black label. With further looking around on the many Craigslist sites there are differences. For instance in Vancouver, Sao Paulo Brazil, or Taiwan erotic services are offered so I guess If you want any of these services you should go  to American purchase round trip tickets to the country of your choice. What do you mean you only wanted to hire a stripper for a bachelor party well it will cost you round trip air for everyone that’s invited to the city of your choice. Now that’s a little tongue in cheek but really this censorship will not stop any of these illegal acts but will stop a clearinghouse for a lot of legal activity. Not to mention when the police want to go find illegal online prostitutes where do you think they go? After this censorship they have to figure out where all the illegal activity has moved to and come up with new ways to fight it.

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