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Healdsburg Youth Soccer Scandal

September 7, 2010

This is another youth sports league scandal. The Healdsburg California youth soccer league says the President embezzled about 35000 dollars. Some  this money was supposedly spent on taxes when the club in a nonprofit. Some of it was spent supposedly on a party for the coaches when the party was never held and about five thousand dollars went to training coaches. Now I don’t live in Healdsburg and I’m assuming many of you don’t either so why am I writing about this? Well we all donate a lot of time and money to the youth and schools in our communities either through children or neices nephews what have you. We all have to keep our eyes on this sort of thing. These programs need these dollars to run. When people are allowed to steal the money a program needs to run they not only take the budget they also take the trust and goodwill that the program has built up over time. This makes it harder for that group or program to then go out and raise funds again for these much-needed programs. But these kids still need a soccer program but people will be thinking before I make a donation isn’t this the group that got all their money embezzled? So whatever group your involved in or donating to keep your eye on the cash make sure as well as you can that it’s going where they say it is, especially if it’s your program or your kids are involved.


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