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Where Do I Go Since Craigslist Is Censored

September 7, 2010

Okay so you are a guy or a girl and you need your adult services and Craigslist is gone for now at least. What are you to do? That’s a good question. I think sites such as and the adult sites on (however these are not available in the U.S.) will see a large jump in their traffic much as the backpage site did after Craigslist started moderating their adult ads in the past. I believe this could also be a boon for the local alternative weekly newspapers that we all find at the local coffee shops and drugstores for free. Craigslist has taken a lot of that ad revenue away from them and now maybe it will be coming back. Who knows mainstream papers are getting desperate and desperate times call for desperate measures so maybe you will see these ads in your local paper now. If we did maybe America would not be so prudish about this subject in the first place who knows. So can this save the whole newspaper industry I doubt it that was kind of tongue in cheek but it may definitely help the alternative weeklies. So, judging from the Google searches I’m getting asking how do I get around this black censored sign and where do I go now for these services the demand is still there so I believe the market will continue It will just change where people go to find it.

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