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The War On Education In California.

November 20, 2010

The War On Education In California, quite a title how did we get to this point? It’s not so much like a regular war with bullets in the common thought of war, but more like the diplomatic, were going to stop trading with your country and stop supporting your regime type of war. UC Regents voted this week to raise tuition eight percent as seen in this article. So eight percent isn’t that much you say and god knows with this economy the state needs the money. But this comes on the heels of a thirty-two percent increase last year. So, in effect this is a forty percent increase over two years. Nothing increases that much over two years except maybe dot-com stocks and we know what happened there. Not to mention that on top of increasing tuition they are cutting classes so student in UC and CSU can’t get the classes they need to graduate so in effect it’s taking longer to graduate thus costing you more in tuition. I know this is only anecdotal but I know of several families sending their children out-of-state and paying out-of-state tuition for two years and then in state tuition for two years after their child establishes residency because other states aren’t cutting back on classes and can guarantee if the student takes the required classes and gets good grades they will graduate in four years not the five or six as now required in California.

Now you think well my child is in elementary or high school none of this is my problem yet. Well, you are wrong due to cutbacks in lower grades teachers are taking furlough days for two to seven days per year. the school year is only one hundred eighty days normally if you cut seven days off it then it’s one hundred seventy-three. What more could your child learn in seven days? Not to mention supplies remember when the school supplied everything your child needed well what did that supply list look like this fall? I know some parents who spent a couple hundred dollars on each of their kids teachers supply list.

Now I’m not saying everything is terrible in California education the test scores are generally going up but if we keep letting these cuts happen at we will come to a tipping point where they start to generally go down and the value of an education here will be worth less and the scores start to go down. Any thoughts leave them in the comments.


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