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Monterey County Rolling Out Thirty Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

January 22, 2011

The county of Monterey in California will be rolling out thirty electric vehicle charging stations in the near future according to a recent article in the Monterey Herald the Charging stations will be located in places where people congregate for long periods of time so stores, churches, malls etc. That’s sort of a different model than a typical fuel station where you put it along a travel route. Mainly because you need much longer to charge an electric vehicle than just to put gas in a normal car. So therefore setting up the infrastructure will be different and the places where that infrastructure is built will be different. As more and more counties throughout California come on-line with charging stations soon you will be able to drive from border to border charging station to charging station. So who among you is going to buy an electric car this year and if not this year than maybe next?
This is really a money thing if gas stays cheap relatively than we will as a group continue to drive a gas car but if it jumps to 4.25 a gallon then we will see a pretty good shift to hybrids and electric only technology. Locations of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara County EV charging Stations.

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