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Haunted Hotels and Cattle Drives

May 27, 2011

So, this last weekend I was traveling through the California Gold country town of Ione. Located off state route 104 Ione is a small gold rush era town of  about 7500 people. All the old building have been left intact on the main street with the modern town grown up around it to give it an old-time flair with the modern conveniences we all take for granted every day. My stay brought me to the Ione Hotel a historic hotel built-in the 1850’s to serve miners of the day. They have a nice bar with a good crowd on a Friday night singing karaoke and having a good time. The rooms were clean and they were the old style with the toilet tank hanging up by the roof with a pull chain. A great hotel I would stay there again. The next day whenever I saw my friends or some of the locals when they asked me where I stayed and I told them the Ione hotel their first response was always “Did you know that place is haunted”? followed by I want to stay there. Just to clear it up no, I didn’t see any ghosts or goblins.

After a night at the Ione Hotel you can walk down the block and have either brunch or lunch at Clarks Corner a nice local meeting place restaurant. One of the nice things about Clarks Corner is all the things they have going on. It seems there is always something. For instance they sponsor the Clarks Corner cycling challenge. But if just sitting back and having a glass of wine is your thing be there on Fridays they have wine tasting put on by local wineries. Ione is located in the old gold country but it’s located in a new wine country so more and more wineries are coming here. Clarks usually has live music a couple of nights a week and art shows and poetry readings also. Just a lot going on there.

After having brunch at Clarks Corner I was driving out to Lake Comanche to meet some friends and here are these guys in the middle of the road on four wheelers in a modern-day cattle drive. It was pretty cool to see that as it’s something that’s kind of lost in this modern world here are these modern-day cowboys pushing their cows for about ten miles I followed them at a pretty slow pace I have to say. It was a sight though especially for all the kids hanging out of car windows and checking out all the cows. So overall this was a pretty good adventure.

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