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The Teenage Entrepreneur

June 13, 2011

Remember when you were a teenager. You know when you needed some money for a car or to take a girl out or just to have it to spend on stuff. You did stuff, most of us didn’t go put in applications and get jobs like teens do now. Some of us mowed lawns or babysat or watered plants while people were on vacation.  Some kids I knew back then had actual jobs but it was usually working for their families or friends of their families. I guess that is how kids are getting summer jobs now as well through networking since most of the summer jobs for kids are being taken by adults. Adults with way too much experience and way too much education to be working at a fast food place or at the boardwalk or some of the other places they are working but there aren’t too many jobs elsewhere for adults. So the jobs out there that used to go to kids in the summer are now going to these adults and leaving the unemployment rate for teens at something close to 25 or 30%.

So, what I think teens need to do now is go back to that time and not put in the applications which they will be turned down for and simply go down their block with their lawnmower to all the houses with lawns that need to be mowed. If you figure out that if you charge average about $35.00 -$40.00 to mow a lawn twice a month and it takes you 30 minutes to mow it each time then you are making $17.50 – to $20.00 an hour minus gas expenses. Now what other things can you do if you are a teen and you don’t want to do something like mowing lawns? Well, remember that flute, guitar, drum, or whatever kind of instrument you play. Well a lot of parents these days are looking to pay for lessons for their elementary age kids. If you look at they are paying $20.00 – $30.00 per hour for lessons. I’m sure your parents got you lessons when you were this age now it’s time you give back to some kids of that age as well. Some other things you can do. Well, if you like animals, you can walk dogs or take care of them when their owners are away. Usually people pay $20.00 a day to board their dog at a kennel and they would rather just have someone come and feed and walk their dog and let it stay at their own house. You must be very responsible this is someones home and pet we are talking about here. Another pet job is dog running. Don’t laugh people have very active dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers or Labs that need a lot of exercise and don’t have the time to walk them but they would like to have someone come say twice a week and take them for a 30 minute run. If you are on the track or cross-country team at school you can look online to see what this pays in your area. Good luck and think outside the box to build your own job this summer.

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