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What Are You Doing For Dad On Fathers Day

June 18, 2011

In Celebration of Dad

Dad’s kind of get the shaft as far as holidays go. But this year what are you going to do to tell your dad that hey man I really care. Think about it this is the guy that got you to run faster and  climb higher up that tree even though you fell and mom told you not too. Basically he’s the one that always believed in you even sometimes when you didn’t believe in yourself. He’s the guy that got you to ask they cute girl out to the dance. The same guy that convinced you to break up with that boyfriend that was not really good for you. He’s the one that told you to follow your heart when you said you wanted to go to art school when everyone said you would starve. So with father’s day coming remember your dad. Take him out to the golf course and hit 18 holes just like he taught you. Don’t pull any shots either because he didn’t raise a loser. Or if he’s into coffee buy him a couple of pounds of the best at his favorite coffee shop. Or take him fishing at his favorite fishing hole from when you were a kid. whatever you do just remember. It doesn’t take much with dad just thanks and a card even. Happy Fathers Day. What are you getting your dad for fathers day leave it in the comments.


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