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The Teenage Entrepreneur

Remember when you were a teenager. You know when you needed some money for a car or to take a girl out or just to have it to spend on stuff. You did stuff, most of us didn’t go put in applications and get jobs like teens do now. Some of us mowed lawns or babysat or watered plants while people were on vacation.  Some kids I knew back then had actual jobs but it was usually working for their families or friends of their families. I guess that is how kids are getting summer jobs now as well through networking since most of the summer jobs for kids are being taken by adults. Adults with way too much experience and way too much education to be working at a fast food place or at the boardwalk or some of the other places they are working but there aren’t too many jobs elsewhere for adults. So the jobs out there that used to go to kids in the summer are now going to these adults and leaving the unemployment rate for teens at something close to 25 or 30%.

So, what I think teens need to do now is go back to that time and not put in the applications which they will be turned down for and simply go down their block with their lawnmower to all the houses with lawns that need to be mowed. If you figure out that if you charge average about $35.00 -$40.00 to mow a lawn twice a month and it takes you 30 minutes to mow it each time then you are making $17.50 – to $20.00 an hour minus gas expenses. Now what other things can you do if you are a teen and you don’t want to do something like mowing lawns? Well, remember that flute, guitar, drum, or whatever kind of instrument you play. Well a lot of parents these days are looking to pay for lessons for their elementary age kids. If you look at they are paying $20.00 – $30.00 per hour for lessons. I’m sure your parents got you lessons when you were this age now it’s time you give back to some kids of that age as well. Some other things you can do. Well, if you like animals, you can walk dogs or take care of them when their owners are away. Usually people pay $20.00 a day to board their dog at a kennel and they would rather just have someone come and feed and walk their dog and let it stay at their own house. You must be very responsible this is someones home and pet we are talking about here. Another pet job is dog running. Don’t laugh people have very active dogs such as Jack Russell Terriers or Labs that need a lot of exercise and don’t have the time to walk them but they would like to have someone come say twice a week and take them for a 30 minute run. If you are on the track or cross-country team at school you can look online to see what this pays in your area. Good luck and think outside the box to build your own job this summer.


Electrolux Vac From The Sea The Beginning of Solving The Plastic Ocean Crisis

Back in 2010 the Electrolux company was having trouble sourcing recycled plastics for its new vacuum manufacturing. Looking around and you can’t find recycled plastic and there a pile the size of the state of Texas just floating in the ocean for the taking. So once you are looking at free materials then your cost of production goes down. Much like the TerraCycle business model of getting the basic materials cheap and building products that consumers want and need at a price that is reasonable. Not to mention all the free press on blogs and Facebook that your products get for being green and the goodwill your company gets for doing the same.

So now if this one vacuum company can do it and make a profitable product line then other companies should be able to as well. Think of all the companies that use plastic just for consumer products and you can see the implications of getting the stuff for free. The effect it would have on the company’s bottom line would be huge. Not to mention that plastic is made out of oil, with oil being high cost now that makes this cheaper to do. I guarantee if we saw that pile of plastic as oil sitting out there for the taking it wouldn’t be there today.

Every company cannot do this get boats go out pick up the plastic and bring it to shore. Then they have to separate it into different types and melt it down for reuse. So what if instead of that model the model became something like fishing. You don’t go out and catch an Alaskan lobster you buy a ready to serve lobster. So if a company did this on a large enough scale they could see this plastic to manufacturers for a profit. So instead of ABC Widget company going out and getting plastic to use they buy ready to use plastic from a company that does that as their sole business. In this way it could be done on a large enough scale to make it not only profitable but could eventually reach the point where we are taking out more than is going into the garbage patch each year. Then at some point far in the future we would get to a point of peak plastic in the ocean. Like peak oil but we would run out of plastic in the ocean to recycle. I know wishful thinking but if it became economically feasible it could happen.

Locations of Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara County EV Charging Stations

As more and more people adopt electric vehicles for daily use EV charging stations need to become more common. Not as common as gas stations mind you because you can always charge your EV at home which you don’t have the option of that with a gas vehicle. The locations of all the EV charging stations in Monterey county are as follows.

West Custom House Garage

Washington St & E. Franklin st. Monterey Ca

Costco Salinas

1339 N. Davis Rd. Salinas Ca


1285 N. Davis Rd. Salinas CA

Santa Cruz Garage

601 Front Street Santa Cruz Ca

Presentation Center

19480 Bear Creek Rd. Los Gatos Ca

Toyota of Santa Cruz

4200 Auto Plaza Drive Capitola Ca

Santa Clara Valley Water District

5750 Alamden Expressway San Jose Ca

Becket PC Solutions

323 Los Altos Dr. Aptos Ca

Victory Toyota

5 Herzinger Plaza Seaside Ca

Oxton Kennels

400 River Road Salinas Ca

This list is mostly for Monterey county with some Santa Cruz and Santa Clara county in there too so this should get you a charge on that day trip down here to Monterey for wine tasting or up to the Tech museum in Santa Clara county.

Haunted Hotels and Cattle Drives

So, this last weekend I was traveling through the California Gold country town of Ione. Located off state route 104 Ione is a small gold rush era town of  about 7500 people. All the old building have been left intact on the main street with the modern town grown up around it to give it an old-time flair with the modern conveniences we all take for granted every day. My stay brought me to the Ione Hotel a historic hotel built-in the 1850’s to serve miners of the day. They have a nice bar with a good crowd on a Friday night singing karaoke and having a good time. The rooms were clean and they were the old style with the toilet tank hanging up by the roof with a pull chain. A great hotel I would stay there again. The next day whenever I saw my friends or some of the locals when they asked me where I stayed and I told them the Ione hotel their first response was always “Did you know that place is haunted”? followed by I want to stay there. Just to clear it up no, I didn’t see any ghosts or goblins.

After a night at the Ione Hotel you can walk down the block and have either brunch or lunch at Clarks Corner a nice local meeting place restaurant. One of the nice things about Clarks Corner is all the things they have going on. It seems there is always something. For instance they sponsor the Clarks Corner cycling challenge. But if just sitting back and having a glass of wine is your thing be there on Fridays they have wine tasting put on by local wineries. Ione is located in the old gold country but it’s located in a new wine country so more and more wineries are coming here. Clarks usually has live music a couple of nights a week and art shows and poetry readings also. Just a lot going on there.

After having brunch at Clarks Corner I was driving out to Lake Comanche to meet some friends and here are these guys in the middle of the road on four wheelers in a modern-day cattle drive. It was pretty cool to see that as it’s something that’s kind of lost in this modern world here are these modern-day cowboys pushing their cows for about ten miles I followed them at a pretty slow pace I have to say. It was a sight though especially for all the kids hanging out of car windows and checking out all the cows. So overall this was a pretty good adventure.

Should The US Stop Giving Tax Breaks To Oil Companies

The US government gives tax breaks to oil companies to spur production of oil in the United States. That is a good thing. However when oil is at $4.00 or more per gallon you don’t need government intervention to spur oil production in the United States. Simply the price will spur production. The high prices are better than any tax bread for helping production efforts. They let companies go into fields that were only marginally profitable at $2.00 gas and now suddenly those fields are very profitable again. So I’m just one blogger of many who think these tax breaks should be done away with.
I don’t believe all tax breaks for industry are a bad thing. We need them to spur development just like with the oil industry. However when the tax breaks have outlasted their usefulness it’s time to move on and give the break to another industry that could use the help. By doing that we will help with job growth and everyone knows we need more jobs in this country right now. So what industries do you think could use these tax breaks?

Limekiln, Garrapata State Parks and Zmudowski, Moss Landing State Beaches on Closure List Due To Budget Cuts

Locally Limekiln state park and Garrapata state park, Zmudowski and Moss Landing state beaches are being closed due to the state budget crunch. This is only four on a list of about seventy state parks and beaches throughout California. This is just part of the yearly struggle in Sacramento to close the budget hole. Many people use these parks for hiking, fishing, riding bikes etc.

Monterey County Rolling Out Thirty Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The county of Monterey in California will be rolling out thirty electric vehicle charging stations in the near future according to a recent article in the Monterey Herald the Charging stations will be located in places where people congregate for long periods of time so stores, churches, malls etc. That’s sort of a different model than a typical fuel station where you put it along a travel route. Mainly because you need much longer to charge an electric vehicle than just to put gas in a normal car. So therefore setting up the infrastructure will be different and the places where that infrastructure is built will be different. As more and more counties throughout California come on-line with charging stations soon you will be able to drive from border to border charging station to charging station. So who among you is going to buy an electric car this year and if not this year than maybe next?
This is really a money thing if gas stays cheap relatively than we will as a group continue to drive a gas car but if it jumps to 4.25 a gallon then we will see a pretty good shift to hybrids and electric only technology. Locations of Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara County EV charging Stations.

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